06 November 2011

How to create and Instance on Amazon?

Login to amazon web services, Go to http://aws.amazon.com/
Now Go to Amazon EC2 and Launch Instance


Select Instance of your choice.
(In this case, we selected below mention machine).
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 64-bit (AMI Id: ami-31d41658)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1, EBS-boot, 64-bit architecture.
Root Device Size: 6 GB

Select Instance Type

Default Options

Give name key (not necessary)
(This will be the name of your Amazon EC2 instance).

Create new key pair and download it to your local machine.

A .pem file will be downloaded to your machine. Keep it at safe place. It is the key which allow you to enter into Linux box.
Should be kept very safe.
Now create a new security group and add a new rule for SSH (port 22) connection. Adding this rule will allow you to connect to Linux instance through PuTTY or WinSCP (or any client which can establish SSH connection) from your local machine, which will establish ssh connection.

 Review and Launch Instance

Within a minute, you will be able to see that instance is running.
Important to note:-
  • If instance is not in use, stop the instance. You will not lose the data.
  • To remove the EC2 instance permanently, terminate it from “Instance Actions” menu.
  • Once you terminate the instance, it is gone forever.
  • Stopping an instance detach Elastic IP  associated with it.
  • Security key is your gate pass to enter into Linux box. Keep it very safe.
  • To enhance security, always associate a keypassphrase with PuTTY key.