23 October 2011

How to fix dkim = fail issue?

Few days ago, I had to implement DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) on a web server for some project , where emails were sent using AWS EC2 ( For more info on AWS Click Here )

For this first of all i had created a simple compose mail form in html, i had made all the modifications required to send mails and now i was able to send mails, but there was just one problem, i was not getting (dkim=pass) in my mail headers, I tried everything, searched a lot on Google, but no use.

Then suddenly i got an idea, I checked my inbox, and there i checked headers of one mail that i had received few days ago, when i checked them everything was same, with just a single difference, and that was answer to my problem

I had change settings of dkim-milter at  (/etc/sysconfig/dkim-milt) and changed CANON=simple to CANON=relaxed/relaxed

For more information on dkim (click here)

If you have any questions on this , feel free to ask