29 December 2013

Tiny MCE: Spell checker not working

Last week one of my client discovered the spellchecker feature of Tiny MCE was not working.. After quite a bit of research, we found that this feature uses the Google Spellcheck RPC by default, that makes a call to https://www.google.com/tbproxy/spell?lang=en&hl=en, but now Google appears to have discontinued access to this feature without notice.

Tiny MCE have other options, but they require phpspell to be installed on server, which further requires ssh (terminal access) in order to install,  but due to our limitations with shared hosting, we were not able to install it, so after a lot of search. we found an alternative in the form of After the Deadline plugin

You can download this plugin from Here

Installation instructions are explained very well in the above link, also the plugin works very well.

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