13 October 2013

Improve your Website Loading Time through Apache Booster

Since last few weeks, I  was researching on "How to optimize websites to improve their loading time",  because I had great issues with my own personal website (http://devitechnosolutions.com), I had never received more than 60% rating from GtMetrix

But Yesterday, I found one way, through Apache booster installed on my Website's Server 

It improved my website load time to an extent, that now it is around 92%

So if you want to use it, then simply run following commands on your linux machine

wget http://prajith.in/downloads/apachebooster-v1.3.tar.gz

tar -zxf apachebooster-v1.3.tar.gz

cd apachebooster

sh install.sh

Please note this requires root access on your server, these steps won't work on shared hosting


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