07 August 2010

How to add social plugins(for eg share ,like button available in facebook ) to your blog or website?

Well every one knows, Today facebook has reached approx 500 million users and i think it is the best way of making your blog or website famous.

One click and you can share content of your website or blog with your friends ,friends of friends and so on
In this post i will explain you ,How to add social plugins to your blog or website?
Social plugins let you see what your friends have liked, commented on or shared on sites across the web.You can add these to your website using just one line of html.

Follow this steps

1:-Click on this link
http:// developers.facebook.com/plugins

2:-when you click on above url ,you will see many social plugins available, that you can add
click on appropriate plugin for e.g say click on like button

when you click on this button,it will ask you to fill various attributes such as layout style etc

Fill those and click on get code it will give you code that you can embed in your website or blog ,this will be the last step and your plugin is ready to use

Similarly you can add other plugins that are available :)


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