18 August 2010

Free SMS service on mobile now

If are user of 160 by 2 .com ,youmint.com etc, where you send unlimited messages to your friends for no cost.No doubt it is free but you can't use it every where for eg while driving ,in coffee shop and dreaming of girlfriend :) there you think if this facility would be available in phone also

But now Wynncom makes this whole process of browsing internet and sending messages simpler ,just one click and you can send messages to your friends
For this Wynncom has tied up with 160 by 2.com.Now customers using Wynncom mobile can send free SMS to any number in India, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines.


  1. Hi Manish,
    this is Mahender from Hyderabad India.
    I would like to know some guidelines from you could you guide me foe developing my blog www.pharmanaukri.info

    i would like add flash banner as above you have and blinking text.

    Please guide me

  2. hi Mahender

    First of all i would like to welcome you to my blog

    Have you seenthis post:-


    The above link will guide you how to embed flash files in a website

    2:-For blinking text

    You can use tag ,but it works on only mozilla not sure about other browsers but it will not work on ie for sure

    Don't worry i will create a new post where i will write a simple java script for this