13 November 2010

Reported Attack site

Few months ago , when I was visiting one of my favorite website named www.crazyengineers.com from Mozilla Firefox ,I got some message like ‘Reported attack site’ it was also showing that this website is trying to install programs
that steal your personal information,

Below is the screen shot of this message

I was surprised to see this message because few hours ago everything was fine but suddenly Firefox had blocked access to this website even Google too, but after few days this issue was fixed.Few days ago I was just searching about something on google and again got same message so this time I thought to find the solution of this problem ?
I searched a lot on Google about this problem and find following reasons and solutions for this problem.

While browsing the search results in Google if you have seen seen the message – This site may harm your computer? then let me inform you. It is a message coming from a website called StopBadware which tries to warn and save your computers data from malware
In that case, Visit the Google safe browsing section which lists all the information about your website ie whether they are suspicious or not
Use the following link


(replace example.com with your site name to get results)
Reasons :-

Sometimes because of wrong file permissions on your website or when you have easy passwords for your FTP accounts, your websites can be compromised after which hackers can add some malicious links within your content using iFrames. So you have to make sure that your website is secure to visit.if your website would be reported as attacked then google can completely block access to your website which may lead to huge fall in your visitors even 100%.
Check out this link to know about essential steps to be taken out for this
Cleaning your site

Steps to remove this warning:-

As i already said,Once the warning is shown for your website, Google will block the visitors from entering into the site. You need to get this warning removed by Google as soon as possible and for this the very first step would be to remove the malicious links, hackers codes or any other stuff which was the cause of this warning. Once you are sure that you have found the problem and removed those codes you need to proceed to the next step of contacting Google.

Check out this following link to know more
Request a malware review of your site

Hope this small post will help you in future when you will also be a website owner