07 July 2010

Hot to track IP address of your friend while chating?

There are many ways to track ip of any internet user ,of all those one way i am going to write here now.

Whenever you chat with any of your friend via yahoo messenger ,ask him to send you any file it may be of any format(jpg,gif,txt,doc,docx)
while your friend send you the file.Immediately open command prompt
As command prompt will open,now type netstat

It will return the list of all connection made with your computer
Local address will show you the ip address of your computer and foreign address is the address of computer with which connection of your computer has made.

Local address will be of this form

here 44343 corresponds to port no

now out of all these check where port no 80 comes ,if you find the port no 80 then the corresponding foreign address will be of your friend's IP address


  1. will it work for anything other than yahoo messenger also.........??

  2. Yeah i think so it will work for google talk etc

    but i don't know about port no which you have to check for that