20 June 2010

Email Forgery!!!! How to detect it?.

It is very easy trick that some people use to fraud someone

say i created a professional looking email by using name of IBM that you are offering one job and for that you have to pay 25000 rs

obviously many job seekers can be easily fooled by this .

In order to make it more reliable they can use even name of IBM by using their id

I mean i can send email to anyone by using id of ibm in that case they will easily gain your trust

This is known as email forgery


whenever you get such kind of mail then do check mail header .I don't know how to check this in yahoo but in gmail on right hand side there will be a button named 'replyto'
click on that you will see option named original mail just click on that you will get all the information about that mail there you can get source ip of mail..and other information like location from where this email originates

If you have any query regarding this post it here i will try to clarify it

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